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Dr Oommen John

IAMI President Message
Hi all, I am highly delighted to take the charge as the president of IAMI. The IAMI is having more than 600+ members and the list is still continuing. This is most auspicious as well as challenging day for me to start my tenure as president of IAMI. We have many challenges to shoulder and I will try my best to continue the good works started by past presidents, and will give a positive direction and will turn on the fast forward switch of task’s being performed by IAMI. The one milestone we have achieved is by getting ourselves felt in the ministry of health and family welfare. I have got one permanent post created for the representative of IAMI in all the committees of Health IT; we will always have one representative in matters related with formulation of guidelines for National Health Information Technology. But I have many more things in mind to do in my tenure as the president. My first and foremost idea is to start the structured course of Medical Informatics in India. For that I am in talks with MCI and MoHFW. The course will start in AIIMS and then from here all Govt Medical Colleges may start it as per their choice. Thanks to our distinguished members efforts MCI is yet to introduce Medical Informatics as the subject at the first MBBS level. But this is not our manjil, our aim is to start Medical Informatics course/ training for all clinicians, nurses, and paraclinical personnel. I want to start free online course fopr all health care personnel. As much as we will teach we will grow and that is my motto and dream, I want to fulfill this dream in my tenure. As you know a famous line “ rahi judte gaye , karwa banta gaya” . I want to create more IAMI members and more medical informatics personnel so that eHealth, still a dream in India can be turned in to the reality. For that I want your support for planning, design and implementation. My aim is to make IAMI the best association of India, by providing platform for the best minds, best medicos, best nurses and best IT personnels in IAMI.
My main agendas and Aim for my tenure as president are:

1) Promote informatics in health care and research in health and medical informatics and increase international cooperation.
2) Move informatics from theory into practice in a full range of health delivery settings, from physician's office to acute and long term care in India.
3) Dissemination and exchange of knowledge, information and technology among all the members, clinicians, nurses and paramedical workers .
4) Plan, implement and promote Medical Informatics education in India.
5) Represent the IAMI and health informatics field in planning of Health IT related matters in MoHFW and Min of IT Govt of India.
6) Represent Indian association of medical informatics with other Medical Informatics Associations and government agencies.
7) Removing the gap between theory and practice of medical informatics by linking physicians and nursing informatics with vendors, and vendor-based researchers.
8) Successful organization of APMI 2014 and NCMI 2014.
9) We will make IAMI as a catalyst for ubiquitous nationwide health information infrastructures for patient care, patient records and health research.
10) We will develop a clearly identifiable strategic planning for the IAMI as a central source of information and documents in the field on health informatics.
11) We will plan for funding of the IAMI members to present papers in international conferences as the financial aid.
12) IAMI’s members advance the use of health information and communications technology in clinical care and clinical research, personal health management, public health/population, and translational science with the ultimate objective of improving health.
13) IAMI will play a pivotal role in the transformation of the Indian health system and will make measurable contributions to the improvement of health of the nation through continued development and implementation of health information technology.
14) IAMI will be an active participant in the development of Indian health information technology policy with particular emphasis to meet the health needs of all patients in government and private hospitals.
15) IAMI will develop the medical Informatics Curriculum for clinicians and Nurses. By training more and more health care Informaticist’s IAMI seeks to transform healthcare and enhance human health through a creative and innovative use of informatics with respect to applications of communications and information technology.
16) IAMI will expand the size and strengthen the competency of the health informatics workforce in India and support the continued development of the health informatics profession. This will be made possible by engaging more number of activities to address issues related to workforce development. This will also contain how to develop and sustain careers of medical informaticist’s.
17) We will identify the individuals or a group of people, to create an IAMI group or taskforce, to address the particular issue. The taskforce will involve Experts, persons who have prior experience on that particular issue and volunteers. This group will be responsible for proper guidance on that particular issue. The required support will be provided by IAMI to the targeted group.

We are greatful to Dr Anil Vij for taking all the pains for designing the

Dr Oommen John
President IAMI -01-17

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